About Me

about me

I’m Simon Jones, a child of the 70’s who grew up watching CHiP's and Chopper Squad on a TV that required you to push an actual button on the television to change between the three channels. I lived in the UK at a time when terrorists were Irish, and when U.S. President Ronald Reagan scared me with his talk about nuclear weapons and threats from the Soviet Union.

Nearly a decade ago I swapped the grey skies of England for the open road, taking my job, my interests, and my curiosity to far flung corners of the world in search of adventure, knowledge, and stories to tell.

Back when I was a child my Mom used to tell me not to talk to strangers. I never developed the skill of following rules, and as such I've been bending them ever since.


What do you do? That's a boring question to ask someone. It limits them to their job title, and surely we’re all more interesting than that!? I prefer to ask, “What do you love to do?” That throws people off for a second, but it gives them the opportunity to tell me what they’re passionate about; which is often far more interesting than what they do to pay the bills. I make websites to pay the bills, but among other things, I’m passionate about travel, photography, art, coffee, and story telling.

Before I Forget

My blog. A little dusty these days, but I love to write!


A photography project finding a picture and a story every single day in the leap years 2012 & 2016.

Abstract painting

I tried my hand an abstract painting under the guidance of Michael Beech in 2014.


I produced a limited edition calendar in 2017 that featured 50/50 thematically spliced photographs by me.

5 minutes of somewhere

Podcast series coming in 2018.

Melbourne Doors

1000 pictures of doors from across Melbourne. Coming in 2018.


I'm not a huge fan of social media, but I am social. So feel free to email me using the form below, or find me on twitter.

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