[This is Reality Radio]

[Simon Jones has a beer with friends in Salem, then it's off to the big city, Boston.]

[The 'cast' of Reality Radio. Yeah so stars maybe a little cheesy. But hey, cheese is good. Especially on pasta, it's very nice on pasta.]

Reality Radio is made up of people that, chances are, you have never heard of before in your entire life. You might already know that a British guy called Simon Jones hosts the shows and that they are all based around stuff he does and people he meets. But what about all these other names and voices that regularly crop up in the shows. You might be interested in knowing a little bit more about them.

This page was created for that very reason, to help you build a better picture of who the 'stars' of the show are. The 'main characters' have their own little pop up profile pages which are hyperlinked to every time they are mentioned on the site. Click on one of these links and a box appears with their picture and a few brief details about that person. Just in case you missed any of them though, the 'cast' of Reality Radio are listen below.

Simon Jones: Flambouyant host with blue hair and a passion for noisy cities.
Anne Metz: Host in Salem and 'No1 sidekick' to Simon in most shows.
Erin Davis: Anne's Texan apartment-mate and chief provider of professional neck rubs!
Karen Burch: The smallest member of the 'cast', with a small car to match!
Jodie Birdwell: Creator of 'honking for dummies' with a passion for brown shag carpets!
Nice Guy Denny: The 'player' from the South who lives in NYC and visits Jodie from time to time.
Josh Cole: Singer song writer with an old mans hat! Hear more of Josh at mp3.com.
Michael Troy: Lead singer of local Boston band 'The Beloved Few'.
David Stefanelli: Guitar player and other cool guy from 'The Beloved Few'.
Andy Luman: Mellow guy who plays guitar, lives downstairs from Anne and Erin and doesn't like coffee.
Ruth Huntington: 'The loopy girl downstairs' at Anne and Erin's apartment.
Officer Victor Ruiz: The police officer that Simon went on a 'ride along' with in Salem.
Phil, Peter and Paul: The pilot from New Hampshire (Simon called him all of those names. - Doh!)
Donna, Barry and the Sea Glass kids: The Loy family from Essex MA.
Anyone called something Burch: A relation of Karen.

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[Reality Radio. The stars, the music,the people who's name is here for no reason, and the companies that didn't even know they were a part of the fun. They're thanked kuz Simon Jones is a nice guy.]