[Reality Radio with Simon Jones]

What is it?
Reality Radio is a little 'on demand' internet only radio show that normally lasts around ten minutes and provides listeners with something to make them laugh as well as experience. With its fast moving upbeat style it compacts a kind of 'rockumantary' with cool music sound bytes and clips. Described by some as an 'audio ride along' Reality Radio is online entertainment with an edge.

Why does Reality Radio happen?
Why not? With so many corporate and corporate sponsored sites out there, the internet is losing its human qualities. Fewer individuals produce websites now, and those who do, struggle to create sites that can compete with 'big money' websites that dominate the internet today. This site aims to prove that there is still a place for the individual to be seen and heard on the international stage of the net.

How often are the programs?
There is no actual timetable for the programs to conform to. They appear as and when they are produced. The production time of just one show can be many many hours, and therefore regularity is of the shows is down to time restrictions and obviously content. In order to know when a new program is uploaded it's best to sign up to the spam free email list (see the bottom of this page).

What about all the old programs
Loads of people ask about the old shows. From the 'Pricey weekender' right up to the most recent shows, they are all available on the archive page.

How long does it take to make a program?
Far too long! Every minute you hear probably equates to something like half an hour in overall production time, if not more. Discriminating as to what material to use and how to use it can take a long while. Often there will be over an hours worth of material to cut down into a program of around ten minutes. After this the final production process is painstakingly slow in a effort to achieve the best possible sound quality and clarity.

What kit is used to make the program?
All the material recorded on location is done so using a $20 tape recorder from Radio Shack! The material is then input into an Apple Macintosh G3 where it is edited in Macromdia's SoundEdit 16 (a really old Mac audio program). Once the program has been compiled it is then put through the Real Producer from Real Networks as well as Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft, then it is uploaded to the site.

What about the future?
Reality TV! That would be kind of cool. I am not sure how it would work, but I'd love to give it a go. In all honesty though, I just don't know. Reality Radio is just a little fun. Unless I end up getting paid to do this kinda stuff, I doubt it will ever go any further than the occasional show on the web.

Will Reality Radio ever sell out
Hey, this is the Real world right. "If the price is right, come on down!"

Contact details
If you have any comments about the site, the programs or indeed anything, then I would like to hear what you have to say, be that good, or bad. You can contact me by using my online contact form.

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