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The John Hancock Tower The final encounter. Back in Massachusetts again, back to the familiar places and faces. As my time in America drew to an end, I visited Boston once more. I doubt I could ever really tire of this city. "It's not to big, and it's not to small" I said in the final American Reality as we wandered around the leafy streets of the Back Bay area.

We went up to the sky lounge of the Prudential building and stood at the windows watching the tiny people below go about their business. We sat out on the grass in front of the public library eating Dunkin Donuts and sipping coffee. We just took it easy and let the sunny day flow over us.

Art in the city Then the day came when I had to go 'back to reality', an ironic twist of the title perhaps? This is the part of a vacation that everyone hates.

Nearly three weeks of fun and experience was drawing to it's conclusion. As I flew away from Boston on my way to Atlanta, I watched my favorite city fade into nothing. Then after a short stop in Atlanta I was on my way back home to the UK once more. The flight was spectacular with the sun setting across the land beneath me. As it became dark I just sat there on the plane looking out of my small airplane window at the lights below. Then we flew over New York. I was lucky enough to see the sprawl of New York and Manhattan from thirty five thousand feet. At that altitude even the biggest cities look small, but New York defied my expectations once again. It's shimmering lights seemed to go on forever, Manhattan and Central Park both clearly visible. Simon Street, Beverly, Mass. I knew we were only about half an hour away from Boston at this point, so I kept a keen eye out of the window. Maybe I saw it below me, I don't know. After New York every city looked like the last, it was impossible to tell. But as I watched the last light on the land fade into the distance, I once again promised myself that I wouldn't be gone for long.

Some people don't understand why I am so taken with America. I doubt those people have ever been there. I can't verbalize or write words to explain what it is that keeps calling me back. America just has something, don't ask me what it is, it's just something special, that's all I know.

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