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The Big AppleAt last in New York City. After the long drive, Anne and I eventually arrived in New York City.

For the first hour or so I think we were both just awe struck in our won different ways. I stood at the foot of the foot of the skyscrapers that make up that famous skyline, almost lost for words looking at these monuments of mankind. I went to the top of the Empire State Building and at long last fulfilled a lifelong ambition of standing on the roof of one of the famous World Trade Center Twin Towers, that was a highlight. I was like a kid in a candy store, I could have stayed there for hours and hours.

View from the Empire State Building. The city streets were teaming with thousands upon thousands of people, and yet, it wasn't at all like I had expected. To be honest I didn't really know what I expected New York City to be like. For years I have felt that I somehow knew NYC from what I had seen on television, and in the movies. But as we came out of Grand Central Station onto 42nd street, I was left feeling utterly dwarfed, like a kid in a new school.

My first impression was just how tall everything was, how huge it all felt. Upon further thought I would add only that the city is far bigger, busier, noisier and intimidating than you could ever imagine. I have seen many U.S cities, but New York City stands apart from them all.

NYPD. The cops We stayed in New Jersey with one of Anne's college friends, Megan. From her house the City was not to far away, so we were able to have two full days in the city. However I don't think we even began to scratch the surface of it. I will return there again. Maybe not any time soon. But certainly, that is not the last New York has heard of me!

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