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Delta airlines. From Manchester airport in the UK, I flew Delta to Atlanta, Georgia. It seemed like a bit of an odd way to get to Boston, after all, Atlanta is over 1000 miles from Boston. But the return fare was just over two hundred pounds, and I like flying, so I had no complaints.

As usual Delta managed to get the in flight entertainment wrong. This time they managed to get the video player to work, but unfortunately everything was in German!

After a little bit of a rocky approach to the airport in Atlanta we were grounded due to bad weather. So once more I found myself doing something that I seem to be doing an awful lot of these days, wandering like a vagrant around an airport.

Eventually I arrived at Boston Logan airport where Anne was waiting to greet me with another friend, Karen, who is famed for her unique driving style in her little Geo Metro. Karen drove me to Essex MASS where I was going to be staying for a while at the house of the Dean of students at Gordon College, and his family.

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