[Reality Radio] Simon Jones
[Emails from America back to the UK]
[The apartment on Cabot Street, Beverly] Date: Sun, May 24, 1998, 5:03 pm
I am in America now! I'd forgotten how cool it is to come to the states and hang out with friends! I am having a real cool time right now. Today I went to Rhode Island with Anne and the people from her house then onto the city of Providence wish is way cool.

Yesterday we went into Boston and it was very hot, you know how much I would like that. England is way too cold for me! Things over this side of the States are so amazingly different to the West coast. We had an adventure when our car broke down in an entry road to the highway home (128 North). It was not a good place to get car trouble. In the end a tow truck came an towed the car home to a nearby garage, however we had to get home another way. Then this guy pulled up in a family wagon space cruiser thing and asked us where we were going. We told him Beverly and that was miles past where he was going. But he called his wife to say he'd be late home then he drove us all back home!

Oh man! Limo's!! This place has so many limo's. I love America, it's just the coolest! The radio stations all play cool stuff and they all have names like WBCN, WFNX, WBOS. The only thing they all have in comman is that they all have a W in their name, although I have no idea what the 'W' stands for?

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